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Celtic Process Control was established in Newport in the 1970s but has grown significantly in the past eight years. The company reached a point where it realised that it had skills and experience better than many of its competitors, and that it should be attracting premium clientele and staff. Once set in that direction it reinvested profits in training and the business has grown significantly because of this. Celtic Process Control works in mechanical, electrical and instrumentation process control engineering. Most of its business is within Wales but it also has contracts in England and Scotland. Its main specialism is in the water and waste water industries, but it also works with the petrochemical and paper industries.

Training: want to or have to? Constant training to keep abreast of changing engineering standards, in particular electrical engineering, plus the demanding Health and Safety standards, means that training is not optional. Investing in managers’ learning and development was a director driven decision, to enable us to embrace the changes and new objectives of the company development plan. Each member of staff has an individual development plan linked to company goals.

We also pass on training through an in-house “Champions Wheel” system; key staff are trained in their specialist areas and then pass on their learning by mentoring other employees. This works very well for us.

Learning: pays or costs? Learning and people development is quite simply an investment and all investments have a cost. In our case it is one of the best investments that we have ever made and has paid dividends for the company and our staff. Without our learning and development we would have had great difficulties managing company changes.

Lifestyle: success or happiness? The high skill levels needed to service our industry sector ensure a highly-paid workforce. However, this does not come without its pressures. Training and development has enabled us to control and equalise these pressures and has given a new level of "buzz" and motivation throughout the company.

It has also allowed our managers to roll out a work-life balance ethos, which is all too often missing in contracting companies.

Work: controlled or chaos? By its very nature contracting is a business of constantly variable targets and specifications. In order for our business to realise profits whilst meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations, our managers must remain fully focused at all times. Without efficient control our business would not survive.

Staff: on-board or just bored? We are extremely proud of our motivated and safety conscious workforce and have one of the lowest staff turnover rates within the contracting industry.

IiP: just a badge or beneficial? Our IiP, NICEIC and ISO 9001:2000 badges all help to endorse our quality image. However, we still view our IiP development as the foundation stone on which we were able to manage significant change within our company.

The future: what next? Future plans include focusing on our specialist areas in the water and waste water industry and further expansion across the UK. Our goal is to become our clients’ first choice of process control contractor. To maintain this goal we will have to continue to deliver innovative, timely and cost effective projects. This will be achieved by the constant training and development of our entire work force.

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